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Creating Your Pages

Generating an eBook

Sending and Selling

Links and Services:
  1. www.Nvu.com
    A free to download HTML Editor which is perfect for creating your e-book's pages! Nvu looks and works just like your favorite Word Processor.

  2. www.YouSendIt.com
    File too big to send by e-mail? Upload your file to YouSendIt and your customer will receive a download link by e-mail.

  3. www.GetResponse.com
    Start building a subscriber list, and automatically send email messages or newsletters to promote your e-book.

  4. Download the Video Guides [1] [2] [3] [4]
    Use dial-up internet or don't have a flash enabled browser? Download ZIP files which contain each video guide in .rm (realplayer) format so you can watch them offline.

  5. Download the User Guides in Ebook form
    The Step by Step User Guide and the HTML Preparation and Linking Guide can be download in one convenient Ebook file for easy viewing and printing offline.

  6. Download the 2006 Sample Ebook
    Take a look at our Sample Ebook to see examples of multimedia content, security features and extended html formatting and links.

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