The steps following Window Type will differ depending on your selection.

You must select a Window Type for your e-book.

Selecting a Normal Window will allow you and your reader the most flexibility.  Normal windows can be resized and maximized to full screen.  You can customize the button bar, and even replace them with your own buttons.

Selecting Shaped Window will let you choose from several attractive Skins which are included with eBookGold.  Skins have fixed dimensions, so your reader will not be able to resize the window.



Using a Shaped Window with fixed dimensions, you will know exactly how the layout of your book appears on your readers screen.  This is ideal for presentation style books.  With a Normal Window, text and images will adjust to use all of the available window space.

 Selecting a Shaped Window


Using the Green Steel skin, the fixed area available to display your HTML would be 550x420 pixels


If you select a Shaped Window, the above screen will appear in the Next Step.

Select a Skin from the drop down list.  A thumbnail is displayed, or you can click Preview to see it full-sized.

Make note of the HTML Area co-ordinates.  Ideally, your pictures, media and tables should be sized to fit within these dimensions.  If they are not, scroll bars will automatically be displayed for your viewer, but the overall window size will not change.


Assorted SKIN styles and colors


 Selecting a Normal Window


In this example, the window will start at 640x480 pixels, and can be resized by the reader.


If you select a Normal Window, the above Window Configuration screen will be the next step.

Window Size

Maximized will start your book full-screen on your readers computer.  Custom allows you to specify the size of the window.

System Buttons

By default the Close, Maximize and Minimize buttons will be shown.  You can turn each off by removing the check.

Available Border Types

Border Type

Five options are available for your Border TypeSee the below table for comparison.

The default type is Sizeable which allows your reader to maximize, minimize and resize your e-book window.

  None Single Sizeable Tool Sizeable
No Border X        
Thin Border   X   X X
Normal Border     X    
Close, Max and Minimize   X X    
Only Close Button       X X
Resizable     X   X


Most modern computers have screen resolutions of 800x600 or 1024x768 pixels.  Selecting a window size larger than these dimensions may cause you book to display incorrectly.

 Customizing the Toolbar and Buttons (Normal Window)


You can modify the toolbar to suit your needs, or even replace the buttons with your own.


The Buttons screen is visible if you are using a Normal Window type.  You can customize how the toolbar is displayed to your reader, and what buttons will be available.

There are ten button positions available.  The default layout can be seen in the above screen.  Buttons are similar in appearance to those used in popular internet browsers.

Because your e-book will function in much the same way as a web page, these will allow your reader to navigate easily.

  You can completely disable the toolbar (so your reader only has the "close" button in the window) by un-checking Show toolbar.  You can make the buttons appear flat by selecting Flat buttons.

The toolbar can be placed on the top, left, right or bottom of the window.  Change this by selecting a position from the Toolbar Placement drop-down list.

Toolbar positions

These button functions are available on the toolbar.

If you would like to change the function of a button, begin by clicking it's icon.  Changes made will affect that button only.

Once you select a button, you can:

  • Remove a button:  Click the small to the FAR left of the toolbar.
  • Change a button's action:  Choose a new action from the Selected Button Action drop-down list.
  • Replace the default icon with your own:  Check Use a custom image, then click Custom Image to locate the .bmp or .ico file on your hard disk.
  • Change the button size:  Use this to accommodate your custom buttons. The default size is 30 x 30 pixels.


In a later step you will set your copyright options.  If you choose to disable your reader's ability to print your pages, the Print button will automatically not be displayed.


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