" Simon's eBookGold is making delivering our products a snap. We had BIG firewall related incompatibility issues with the new Windows Service Pack 2 and our prior vendor. Simon's program works perfectly. It also only requires 1 unlock code for a set of CDs, where our prior vendor required a separate code for each CD -- causing a lot of customer service issues. I highly recommend eBookGold."
- Marlon Sanders

"Distributing free ebooks has proven to be the #1 traffic generator for my website. Within a month I had an additional 5,683 visitors pile up on my site, which boosted my profits to no end. Your eBookGold software made it real easy to distribute ebooks with tiny file sizes, yet books that look totally professional when created. I'm working on an infoproduct that I plan to sell for over $50. I'll definitely be using your software since I know the final product will be top quality!"
- Darryn Major

"Just a quick email to let you know that I love eBookGold and I think it truly is the easiest way to deliver info-products on the Internet. eBookGold's security options are pure gold, and your PIN authorization ensures that my product won't be stolen or copied. Also, your software doesn't require a "reader" software to open compiled ebooks. That's so much better than your competitors!"
- Ian Walters

"The eBookGold software makes it so easy to publish your own books. The price is fair and it gives you a chance to give it away or even sell them.
- Christopher Hodgdon

Read this important letter and you will discover how our...

"Easy-As-Pie Ebook Software Makes Publishing
Your Own Ebooks Just Mouse Clicks Away!"

but you will also learn...

"Why Most Ebook Writers Lose As Much As 78%
Of Their Profits Because Of Information Theft
(Sometimes Mistakenly Called "Sharing")
and What You Can Do About It!"

Already Familiar With Ebook Publishing?

Here is why you will fall in love with eBookGold 3.0 and never want to use other ebook publisher software again!

  • no separate "reader" software required
    - your compiled ebooks will be self-executable and launch instantaneously, whereas with our competitors' products your customers must install special 'reader' software to view your ebooks.
  • top-notch security features
    make it virtually impossible to steal your intellectual property, while other publishers give you very limited protection and make it easy to pass on your ebooks without compensating the author... you!
  • advanced authentication
    lets you register your customers on your website, unlike our competitors that have their promos all over the place (i.e. Armand Morin's Ebook Generator)
  • no compatibility problems
    with the new Windows Service Pack 2, unlike other ebook software programs that have big firewall issues.
  • supports multimedia content
    such as Flash, AVIs, WMV and others, while our competitors -- if they at all support them -- require special code that is complicated.
  • gives you full flexibility
    - with some other ebook publishers all your pages must have .html extension and use special HTML code "target=____" for external links or they won't work. With eBookGold you don't have this problem!
  • checks for errors before your compile
    to avoid unnecessary frustration and changes back and forth - other programs don't do that.

Here is what Marlon Sanders (of Amazing Formula fame) had to say about eBookGold 3.0:

" Simon's eBookGold is making delivering our products a snap. We had BIG firewall related incompatibility issues with the new Windows Service Pack 2 and our prior vendor. Simon's program works perfectly. It also only requires 1 unlock code for a set of CDs, where our prior vendor required a separate code for each CD -- causing a lot of customer service issues. I highly recommend eBookGold. "

But don't just take Marlon's word for it - try eBookGold 3.0 today at zero risk with our 30-day money-back guarantee. You will be glad you did.

Dear Internet Friend,

What do you think is the greatest moneymaking opportunity in the world, right now? What do you think has spawned more millionaires than ever in the history of the world? Let me give you a hint...

The wealthiest people in the world used to be those who owned physical, tangible things, such as oil, metals or real estate. (Take Howard Hughes or Andrew Carnegie, for example.)

But since then, things have drastically changed!

Today, the wealthiest people in the world own... NOTHING! Well, nothing physical, that is. Most millionaires - even billionaires! - own intangibles, like stocks, software and of course, information!

But you don't need to become a Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Stephen King to make obscene amounts of money... You, too, can cram your pockets with profits when you piggy-back on their wealth secrets!

Sure, these people didn't become millionaires overnight. But with the help of the Internet, even the "little guy" can rake in an absolutely outrageous fortune with very little money, time or effort...

How? Through digital self-publishing!

In fact, with the help of the Internet, the self-publishing business is now the easiest, quickest, cheapest and safest business to make oodles of cash extremely fast! All you need are the right tools.

Why 93% of What You Learn is a Bunch of Bull...

Most people think that publishing, and specifically self-publishing, is expensive, time-consuming and extremely difficult to promote. Sure, it is if you're looking to publish a book in the "real world."

But today, making carloads of cash has never been easier!

With the help of the Internet and ultra-sophisticated software like eBook Gold 3.0, cranking a mind-blowing $1,000, $3,000 or even $10,000 a month - almost immediately, too! - is super-simple.

Electronic books are all the rage right now - giving anyone with a computer the ability to create an insane fortune fast! But why are ebooks so popular and profitable? Well, there are many reasons.

For starters, digital self-publishing gives you complete control!

There are virtually no costs! There's NO postage needed, NO printing required, NO shipping and handling necessary and NO inventory to manage. Plus, there are NO commissions or royalties to pay out...

... You reap 100% of the profits!

Second, the time it usually takes to create, market and sell ebooks is dramatically cut down. Publishing ebooks can be done lightning fast! In fact, with eBook Gold 3.0, it only take about two minutes!

But there's more to that. Here's what I mean: as opposed to the offline publishing world, there are no inconvenient hoops to jump through in order to finally getting your book published.

As an example, there's no need to send your manuscript to some publishing house or literary agent, all with the hope of getting your book approved and finally published... No more rejection letters!

There Is One Problem Though...

It's called information theft (sometimes mistakenly called "sharing") and here's how it works:

  1. You sell your ebook to your customers.
  2. They read your ebook and love it...
  3. ... So they pass it on to their friends.
  4. Their friends read your ebook and think it's great.
  5. They share it with the people they know.
  6. Your ebook spreads like a virus all over the Internet.
  7. Problem is, you don't get paid a dime for it.

This sad scenario happens all too often. Internet pirates and info thefts are thriving on free information they've never spent a cent for, while the authors don't get paid a cent for their effort.

Not anymore!

eBook Gold 3.0 introduces new iron-clad security features which effectively prevent info thiefs, Internet pirates and Net burglars from "sharing" your content and stealing the money that rightfully belongs to you!

Take a look at some of them:

Security Feature #1: eBook Lock

This revolutionary security feature uses advanced algorithms to "lock" your ebook to your customer's computer, so when they "share" it with their friends, it simply won't work! This is great for you as an author, as it means "more revenue". Why? These potential pirates will be forced to buy the ebook from you instead of "borrowing it"!

Security Feature #2: One-click ebook deactivation

Suppose that your customer has requested a refund on the ebook she bought from you. Her access to your information should be forfeited, but it's not possible with regular ebook creators. However, with eBookGold you can simply deactivate that ebook and it will become unavaiable to your customer!

(of course, you can reactivate it later if you wish!)

Security Feature #3: Prevent your customers from using "copy" & "paste"

With ebooks created by most ebook software it's easy for your customers to steal your content by using built-in "copy" and "paste" feature.

With eBookGold you can disable this feature so your users cannot "copy" and "paste" your information! It's up to you!

Security Feature #4: Disable "drag" & "drop" of your images

This unique feature prevents your customers from stealing your images by dragging them from your ebook and dropping them in an image editor or a file folder.

With eBookGold you are able to decide whether you want to share your intellectual property with your customers or not!

Security Feature #5: Toggle Printing "On" or "Off"... It's up to you!

With eBookGold you decide whether you want your users to be able to print contents of your ebook or not. Changing this setting is just a mouse-click away!

Security Feature #6: Hardcore Encryption!

eBookGold automatically encrypts your content, your HTML files, even entire directory structures with a proprietary encryption that's almost impossible to crack!

You can rest assured that digital burglars won't be able to snatch your valuable information!

Order your copy of eBook Gold 3.0 NOW!

You Can Publish Your Way to Profits...

With eBookGold you publish your own book (and as many books as YOU want) the way YOU want it, when YOU want it and sell them for as much as YOU want to! In fact, you set your own prices! It's powerful stuff!

People crave information... But they also want it FAST! That's the beauty of the Internet! People are hungry for knowledge... And they're more so for anything that will help solve a problem.

I was able to earn a way-above-average income... You can, too! If you finally want a "crack" at making money, and at becoming either a prolific writer or a millionaire marketer, order eBook Gold now!

However, if you're curious, let me share with you my story...

How I've Went From an Average Job to Making a Fortune... YOU Can, Too!

A few years ago I worked at a 9-to-5 J.O.B. ("just over broke") for a computer magazine and earning an average wage. But since then, things have changed!

Yesterday, I woke up at 11:00 o'clock in the morning, checked my email in my underwear and learned that I earned over $2,000 in pure profit that day alone...

Heck, it was just 11:15 AM, too!

As CEO of GetResponse, the world's most powerful autoresponders service, I've successfully introduced tons of digital products that pull in over $1,000,000 a year!

Today, we currently serve a network of over 21.6 million people! I am not saying this to brag... But rather, I want to show you the enormous potential behind the information-driven economy.

Plus, I'm no genius and I don't have some special degree. So, anyone can do it! None of my products are tangible, stocked or shipped... All of them are delivered in real-time, automatically, over the web!

Out of about one million dollars in yearly sales, my shipping expenses are $0! Zip! Nadda. Zilch.

Imagine... I have NO materials to buy, NO payrolls to maintain, NO quality control checks to make and NO overhead expenses at all. Plus, after two short years, people are still buying my products in droves!

And like me, you can easily create a fully automated, home-based business that earns you between $100 to $1,000 or more on a daily basis, without the need to hard-sell anyone or for any additional effort!

That's precisely what eBook Gold will help you do!

Don't Know What to Write About?

With the Internet at your fingertips, finding topics on which to write, doing some research to find content ideas and putting together an ebook in your own words can all be done easily and quickly!

Sure, there are copyright laws. So, NEVER plagiarize! But...

... Keep in mind that copyright protects the way ideas are expressed and not the ideas themselves. Nothing stops you from doing a bit of research and putting ideas down into a book in your own words!

That's why the best, simplest and most profitable types of books consist of "how-to" information. You can easily write a "how-to" book on any topic imaginable! Just look at some of your...

  • Favorite hobbies,
  • Past experiences,
  • Special skills
  • Unique knowledge,
  • Or topics that interest you...

... And do some research. Then, just start writing. You'll be well on your way! Don't worry about typos or grammatical errors. (You can check those or have someone check those for you at a later time.)

Remember that online, people crave information... And they want it fast, too! If you help solve a problem, the likelihood that a demand exists for what you want to write about is HUGE! For instance...

  • Do you know how to write resumes better than most people?
  • Do you own any special or exotic recipes for Italian food?
  • Do you have a knack for building wooden bird feeders?
  • Are you particularly skilled in finding good flea market deals?
  • Are you a "clean-freak" with a talent for organizing closets?
  • Or are you a bit of an expert on the topic of losing weight?

It doesn't matter. And I'll prove to you how easy it is to sell a $35 information product, over and over again, on any topic imaginable - and turn your bank account into an overflowing fountain of cash!

There are so many different types of information products. For example, with eBook Gold 3.0 you can write and publish...

  • Books
  • Booklets
  • Manuals
  • Documents
  • Media kits
  • Training manuals
  • Special reports
  • Directories
  • Tutorials
  • Surveys
  • Newsletters
  • Instructions
  • Presentations
  • Article collections
  • Compendiums
  • "Portable" websites
  • Software help files
  • Courses
  • Swipefiles
  • Journals

... You name it! If your infoproduct tackles a niche market, discusses a popular topic or offers some "how-to" advice, then your chances of making a killing are extremely high! Why wait? Order yours now!

How to Turn Your Brains Into Cash!

With eBook Gold 3.0, your income potential is simply unlimited! Take my friend Lee Benson, for example: here's what he did - and what YOU can do, too! - to generate an outrageous, residual income...

  1. Think of an information product

    - it can be anything, from gardening tips to how to save on your taxes. Lee developed a guide to profiting on the Internet with electronic newsletters (or "ezines"). It took him just a little over two weeks to write.

  2. Create your pages

    - just write them out in your favorite word processor or HTML editor (like Microsoft Word, Dreamweaver, FrontPage or whatever), and save them into HTML format.

  3. Then, compile your book

    - load up our powerful eBook Gold  software and, with the click of a button, it'll convert all of your HTML pages into a single, self-contained executable file that can run on any Windows PC platform. It's child's play!

  4. Put the ebook on your website

    - my friend Lee charges his clients $47 for private access to a special download page, so that they can retrieve his ebook immediately after ordering.

Best of all, he does absolutely no work yet his product sells like hotcakes, night and day, like clockwork! In fact, in four months he sold over 1,300 orders for his $47 ebook. That's a cool $61,000!

Here's what he wrote and told me:

> Simon, your software is superb! I was stuck with
> the dilemma of finding an easy way to package my
> information. It started with an idea, and two
> weeks later I had created a product that would go
> on to make over $200,000 in sales over the next
> year. Your software made my information look
> professional, fast to download and easy to use.
> What's more, it saved thousands of dollars in
> shipping costs! I've put my sales on auto-pilot,
> since offering a digital product requires no
> overhead costs whatsoever. I'd actively recommend
> your product to anyone wanting to make BIG money
> on the Internet, once and for all!

- Lee Benson, lee@ezinetactics.com

Lee knows his stuff... After all, he used eBook Gold to create his EzineTactics ebook that produces a constant stream of passive income of over $7,000 every month. The product sells itself!

YOU, too, can create an information product and watch your bank account bulge! People are making thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Internet selling digital products!

You can easily replicate their success! You don't have to be an expert or a writer to make money selling ebooks.

One of my friends sells a $10 report that took him only two short hours to create! That year, over 2500 people bought it resulting in an additional $25,000 income stream from just two hours of work!

Converting your knowledge, experience or research into an ebook can easily add a cool six-figure annual income into your pockets!

Create Contagious Marketing "Viruses," Too!

With your own information product, you can generate an automated cashflow from your website, with NO overhead. But you can also use it to tap a constant, source of targeted prospects... For FREE!

Here's how: you can use your ebook as a tool for generating traffic and leads. By giving it away for free, and because of the nature of computers, your "file" gets passed around from person to person!

You book thus becomes a viral marketing machine!

So, give your marketing more punch by only giving away your book for free but also giving the recipients the permission to distribute your book freely among their own clients, visitors or subscribers!

People will download and distribute your free ebook, and spread it across the Internet like wildfire! And since your eBook Gold book contains hyperlinks, they are given the opportunity to visit your site.

While your book reads much like an educational tool, it also subtly promotes you, your business or your expertise. Plus, your book is more credible since it doesn't appear like an outright commercial!

Ebooks can also become powerful lead generators because those who visit your website after reading your book are in fact qualifying themselves beforehand. They're already interested in the topic!

You can also offer your book...

  • As a gift to your current clients who participated in a survey,
  • As a prize in a contest you're conducting with your affiliates,
  • As a "thank you" for subscribers who joined your newsletter
  • Or as a bonus to an existing offer for building perceived value.

The possibilities are endless! If you're convinced enough already and want to start "riding the wave," then don't hesitate... Order your copy of the newly launched eBook Gold 3.0 right now!

Generate Highly Targeted Leads With eBooks!

Did you know that ebooks can also be used for marketing and as market research tools? Sure! Unlike other ebook-creation software, with eBook Gold you can make ebooks dynamic and interactive!

So, you're not limited to plain, static (and boring) HTML!

You can add DHTML, scripts, Flash presentations, plug-ins, sound files, feedback forms... You name it!
In fact, here's another example of how you can turn your ebook into a powerful lead generator!

Here's Another Example of How to Use eBooks to Promote Your Business!

Let's say that you own an online used car brokerage that helps people find used car sellers online - or to sell their used cars through web-based classified ads.

Let's also say that you help people find used cars by finding used cars and seller information through web directories or searches based on specified criteria.

So, you write a small 15-page ebook about how to find great deals in used cars... Perhaps also how to negotiate more effectively with car owners - and how to watch out for unsuspecting "lemons."

But here's where your ebook becomes powerful!

While your book offers educational content, at the end you provide a search form asking readers to enter the make, model and year of the car they're looking for, and how much they're willing to pay.

They enter the information, click "submit" and then are instantly redirected to your website where you provide not only search results matching their criteria but also ordering instructions for instant access!

In other words, they must order your online service in order to gain access to car-specific data, such as...

  • A particular seller's contact information,
  • Additional information on (or picture of) the car,
  • Quick comparison charts with other offers,
  • Car-specific "quality" (or mechanical) ratings,
  • Government lien verifications on the car,
  • Previous ownership or accident checks,
  • Financing information and applications,
  • Insurance quotes and rate comparisons...

... And so on! If not, since they're there they will likely stay at your website and browse around for more!

But here's the kicker... Since your book offers great content, people will pass it around for you... In email, on message boards, through websites and so on!

No matter what type of business you're in, you can use ebooks as powerful magnets that will attract tons of targeted visitors without lifting a finger!

If you want that kind of marketing leverage for your business or website, why not order eBook Gold 3.0?

Here's What You Get With eBook Gold 3.0...

The all-new, power-packed, feature-rich eBook Gold 3.0 is an amazing software that will help you to transform your brains into products - so you can easily build continuous streams of income!

With your eBook Gold 3.0, very little maintenance is required. Its intuitive, easy-to-use interface can turn anyone, regardless of computer experience, into a profitable, self-made digital publisher!

There are literally hundreds of uses for digital infoproducts!

eBook Gold produces better quality final products as well as smaller file sizes, cutting down on costs and boosting your profits! You get...

  • Unlimited ebook creation. With your eBook Gold software, you can make one OR one million ebooks... It's entirely up to you! Each ebook you make is royalty-free, which means you can sell your own products and keep 100% of the profits!
  • Attractive, professional design. Some ebook creators look "bulky" and downright ugly on the screen. Not eBook Gold! If you sell your own ebooks, you want them to look professional and crystal-clear. Impress your customers instantly!
  • Customizable ebook "labeling." Add titles, author names, clickable email addresses, website URLs and book descriptions with each book you create - just like a regular book's jacket! But the beauty is that it adds credibility and brand identity!
  • Different screen mode options. Do you want your ebook to open up into a full browser-like window? Or do you want it to open up at a specific resolution, perhaps for presentations? You have full control over how you want your book to look!
  • Minimum file size. Your ebooks will download faster and take up less space than any other ebook-creation software on the market. If you're offering downloadable ebooks from your website, that means you'll pay even less in bandwidth fees! Create a book that's less than a hundred kilobytes in size!
  • Add different files types. A "good" website is not just a bunch of plain, static HTML files. It's active AND interactive. Similarly, with eBook Gold you can add graphics, scripts, Flash, DHTML, XML and even true type fonts to make your book come alive!
  • Make your ebooks dynamic and interactive. Add even greater interactivity by including feedback forms and dynamic content. Add subscribers to your ezine, conduct polls, run contests and more. Use your ebook as the perfect market research tool!
  • Full HTML 4.0 support with plug-ins. With the single click of a button, you can include Flash files, Shockwave presentations, Java Applets, sound files or any other plug-ins. Drive readers' actions by making your ebook more compelling and dynamic!
  • Complete window customization. You decide how your ebook looks. You can choose to have your ebook open up in a regular browser-like window or in a customized interface you design (called "skin"). And you can also add different borders, styles and buttons. Give your ebook brand identity and character!
  • Stop would-be content thieves. You can secure your book in many ways. If you want to disable a reader's right-click button in order to prevent source viewing and text copying, or run the ebook in full-screen mode only, you can do so... What's more, NONE of these powerful options increase file size!
  • Prevent pirating. Keep your infoproducts safe from would-be pirates, non-customers and prying eyes by using eBook Gold's advanced embedded encryption feature that lets you lock your book with a password. Only paying customers get access!
  • Customized per-page security. What about offering an entire book for free (as a demo, perhaps), but locking specific pages with a password, which forces people to buy the book in order to read the rest? You can! Lock as many pages as you wish!
  • Full control over your ebook's presentation. Customize the look and feel of your ebook's events. In other words, create a splash screen that appears when your book is opened or closed, and use it to reiterate a copyright notice, encourage readers to visit a website or make them a special offer!
  • Complete control over the finished product. Unlike other ebook creation software, you can also add a whole host of user options - such as enabling (or disabling) the ability to print your pages, running the ebook in a variety of "modes," and deciding exactly how your ebook looks and acts!
  • Choice of home page and table of contents. You're not limited to content. You can easily add and specify a "start page" and "table of contents," which will be linked to and work in concert with your ebook's navigation buttons. Very professional!
  • Embedded tutorials and FREE updates. eBook Gold 3.0 also carries tons of additional features, such as learn-as-you-go tutorials and online updates - at the click of a button, you always make sure you have the latest and greatest version of the eBookGold 3 series!
  • And much more!

Sure, there are other ebook creation packages out there... But I can guarantee you that NONE of them is as feature-intense and can create such small-sized, attractive final products like eBook Gold.

What's more, we use a foolproof point-and-click interface that lets you create your ebook in just two minutes flat -NO additional skills needed, NO experience necessary and NO extra effort required!

OK, Let's Wrap This Up...

Let me ask you the following questions: are you...

  • Searching for a product to sell with a 100% profit margin?
  • Looking to beef up your online profits drastically and quickly?
  • Exploring for the ultimate rock-solid way to make money?
  • Attempting to drive targeted, eager prospects to your site?
  • Investigating ways to gain instant credibility, fame and trust?
  • Searching for ways to boost your opt-in email mailing list?
  • Or trying to find no-cost ways to conduct market research?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, eBook Gold 3.0 is for you! If you plan to make money online or wish to make more, you must add eBook Gold 3.0 to your marketing toolbox!

Not only will it allow you to create your own hot infoproducts that you can sell for pure profit, but by offering free ebooks to website visitors and as bonuses to your clients, you will profit even more!

So, let's cut the chase.eBook Gold 3.0 gives you complete power and lets you create unlimited ebooks. But how much is it worth to you to produce unlimited moneymaking products at a 100% profit?

How much is it worth to you to generate far more targeted leads to your website or business? And how much are you willing to pay for such as powerful, moneymaking tool? $1,000? $500? Or $300?

Not even close! Order eBook Gold 3.0 for the low price of $194.

WAIT! Since we've just launched version 3.0, if you order the new full-featured PRO version today, December 2, 2023 , I'll knock an extra 50% off the standard price... Just $97!

But hurry... This is your only chance - after the introductory phase the price will go back up to the standard level. You must order today to receive the special 50% discount! Order eBook Gold 3.0 NOW!

In fact, you'll love it so much that, once you give it a try, I'm positive  you'll never want to go back! That's why I'm offering you...

My 100% Satisfaction, Full Money Back, Bullet-Proof, One-Month Guarantee!

I'm so confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with eBook Gold that I'm prepared to take all the risk forYOU. Therefore, when you order eBook Gold 3.0 Pro, you will have a full 30 days to try it out!

Package your products together, post free bonuses on your site or create the next bestseller... However you wish! Within one month, if you're not totally delighted I want you to request a full refund...

... I'll personally give you back every single red cent!

Listen closely. My company has over 230,000 active customers and serves a growing network of over 21 million people. All my products are backed by my personal reputation... My income is on the line!

So, eBook Gold 3.0 Pro is totally risk-FREE... You don't like it? You'll get a 100% refund. NO questions. NO hassles. NO hard feelings. But if you're still not convinced, here's more for a limited time...

Waste no more time. Your brain is packed full of ideas waiting to be converted into profitable infoproducts. There's a multimillion dollar market out there. Isn't it time you get your fair share?

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Simon Grabowski, CEO

P.S.: Stop wasting your time making other people rich with affiliate programs and associate deals. Use eBook Gold to create your own infoproduct that you can sell all day long for as much as you want!

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Our guarantee gives you 30 days to test out the product, use it however you wish, and judge for yourself. That's how confident I am that you'll be 100% satisfied! Click here to order right now!

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